WHYY: Shedding Light on Homeless Youth, America’s ‘Invisible Children’

Youth Emergency Service (YES) was recently cited in an essay published by WHYY / Newsworks on homeless youth in America, written by Dr. Scott Holmes:

Homelessness is perhaps a bigger problem among our nation’s youth than you may have imagined. And they are right here in our backyard.

  • 600: the number of homeless youth estimated on any given night in Philadelphia
  • 140: the number of beds available for homeless youth aged 18-24 in Philadelphia
  • 29: the number of beds available for homeless youth aged 12-17 in Philadelphia
  • 50: the percent of homeless youth who struggle with mental health issues (PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts)
  • 40: the percent of homeless youth identifying as LGBTQ

Where are these kids? It’s no wonder that we call them “America’s invisible children.”

Imagine yourself walking in the neighborhood where you live. You have the clothes on your back but nothing else to hold onto…
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