Youth Service Inc.

Honor the meaning of Mother’s Day by helping youth and families in desperate need

Make this Mother’s Day special with a gift that will help YSI continue to assist the hundreds of people—many of whom live at or near the poverty line—who depend on our programming and services to strengthen the family unit, help at-risk teens, and promote child safety.

We use the agency’s limited resources to not only keep our programs and services running, but also to often help our clients meet their day-to-day needs. A gift in any amount helps to pay for those programming and services. See below for some of the other ways that we put your gift to work.

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$ 25

Art supplies for young children in our respite childcare program

$ 50

Clothes for a teenager who comes to our emergency shelter with nothing

$ 100

A week’s supply of nutritious produce for a family

$ 250

A bed for a child who otherwise sleeps on the floor

$ 500

Utilities for a mother who has lost her job

$ 1000

Rent for two older youth who have been homeless


About YSI

Youth Service, Inc. (YSI) is a nonprofit organization that has provided immediate shelter and support services to Philadelphia’s children, youth and families for over 67 years. YSI offers unique programs and niche services throughout the city, including Philadelphia’s only crisis nursery program and the longest-standing shelter in the area for runaway and homeless teens. Through shelter, counseling and in-home support services, YSI reaches more than 5,000 clients annually, the majority of whom live below the poverty level.

YSI’s Mission

YSI’s mission is to offer accessible, responsive, high-quality services to at-risk children and families. YSI is dedicated to providing community-based care, shelter and counseling to children, teens or families in crisis, as well as restoring self-sufficiency, cultivating responsible parenting, and helping to create a future of hope.


Youth Service, Inc.

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