I can do all things…

I can do all things…

Youth Emergency Service (YES) has supported youth since 1976 by providing a safe place for those in need. We love to hear stories of overcoming. Sodette Fox has such a story.

Sodette Fox is a licensed public adjuster who owns her own claims adjusting company. As a successful business owner, she decided that it was time to give back and try to motivate young people traveling the same path as she did as a teen. She hopes to encourage teens by sharing her story.

Sodette explains “I remember YES being one of the most laid back placements for me. The only place I was able to just be a
teen for a moment. A place where I found myself more relaxed than anxious. As a teen my mother worked 2.5 jobs and my step father was very strict. If I was 5 mins late for my 8 pm curfew I would not be allowed in the house until my mother came home the next morning. It was in these times that I found YES. A warm and safe place to rest.”

“My experience has encouraged me to birth Youth Harbor Inc., a program that will work in conjunction with programs like YSI to promote positive youth development. The services being provided by YSI are a huge blessing to young people who find themselves in the position I once was.”

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