Gift Card Challenge

Help purchase gift cards for
the homeless teens at YES

It’s been a stressful year for all of us, but imagine being a homeless teen at YSI’s Youth Emergency Shelter. This spring when we were repeatedly told to stay “safe at home” our thoughts were with these teens who do not have homes or for whom home is not a safe place. As we enter into the holiday season, our hearts continue to ache for them since they are so often forgotten about at this time of year. We all need something extra this holiday season and these teens are no exception.

That’s where you come in. Like most teens, there’s one item that’s on the top of their wish list: gift cards! As such, the YSI Board is issuing the Gift Card Challenge. Our goal is to raise $5,500 to buy gift cards for the homeless YES teens.

Can you spare $20 for a gift card for one teen,
$40 for two, or $100 for five?

About Us

Youth Service, Inc. (YSI) is a nonprofit organization that has provided immediate shelter and support services to Philadelphia’s children, youth and families for over 67 years. YSI offers unique programs and niche services throughout the city, including Philadelphia’s only crisis nursery program and the longest-standing shelter in the area for runaway and homeless teens. Through shelter, counseling and in-home support services, YSI reaches more than 5,000 clients annually, the majority of whom live below the poverty level.

Our Mission

YSI’s mission is to offer accessible, responsive, high-quality services to at-risk children and families. YSI is dedicated to providing community-based care, shelter and counseling to children, teens or families in crisis, as well as restoring self-sufficiency, cultivating responsible parenting, and helping to create a future of hope. | 410 N. 34th Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 | 215-222-3262