Family Based Services & Parenting Education

The Crittenton Family Support Center provides prevention services and supports to families in Northwest and North Philadelphia. Services offered at this location are Family Empowerment Services (FES), Truancy Intervention and Prevention Services (TIPS), and Parent Education.

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Family Empowerment Services (FES)

Family Empowerment Services (FES) is a home-based prevention program, which provides short term, trauma sensitive case management support to families in NW Philadelphia. Case managers collaborate with families in their homes to address concerns that cause disruption to the family’s daily living and ability to manage life stressors. The goal for FES is to enhance caregivers’ protective capacities and improve the ability of families to provide for their children’s safety and well-being in a minimally intrusive manner. The case manager acts as an advocate, resource, and educator for the family. Services are provided to families without cost. To learn more, please contact 215-848-6200 or email

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Truancy Prevention

Truancy Intervention and Prevention Services (TIPS) is a school based and home-based prevention program, which works with students and their families in NW Philadelphia who have truancy concerns. The TIPS case manager collaborates with the family to address the factors contributing to truancy with the goal of increasing attendance and success in school. Tier I prevention is the first level of intervention designed to engage families early in the process and avert a referral to Regional Truancy Court. Referrals to the Tier I program come directly from the School District of Philadelphia and Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services (DHS). Tier 2 prevention is a court involved service. The referrals come directly from DHS. Case Managers make home and school visits to identify and alleviate the factors leading to truancy and link families to community resources that could support their child’s success in school. Families in the Tier 2 program are required to appear in Regional Truancy Court and can be referred to Family Court should the truancy issues not be remediated. To learn more, please contact 215-848-6200 or email

Parenting Education

Our parent education program is a prevention support service available to any caregivers in the City of Philadelphia. The program meets in cycles of 12, two-hour sessions. The interactive curriculum focuses on: improving parents’ ability to identify, express, process and manage feelings; increasing parents’ understanding of child development; increasing parents’ understanding of the varied approaches to positive parenting including increased knowledge of nurturing and responsive parenting interactions. The groups also support parents in understanding and supporting their child’s educational needs.

Enrollment is rolling. YSI holds classes at agency locations and offers the program at area shelters. Participants include custodial and non-custodial parents, caregivers and individuals expecting their first child. For information on the parenting program, please contact 215-848-6200 or email

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