I Can Dream Teen Conference 2016

A special thank you to Mr. Anthony Martin, Founder of The Urban Youth Foundation; Bernard Hopkins; Sean Colston and all of our other amazing participants for providing the platform for our 2016 #ICanDream Teen Conference held at Temple University.  This year's #ICanDream Teen Conference featured guest speaker Philadelphia's own former World Boxing Champion Bernard Hopkins, [...]

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YSI Wheels Receive A Makeover

Thank you to the generous donors that responded to our request for support to purchase a new van for our teen shelter, Youth Emergency Service (YES).  Donors included: Barbara Rittenhouse, Dorothy Stevens, Laurie Ward, Barbara O’Brien, Pat Rentschler, Dina Ghen, John and Theresa Barth, Betsy Wice and Lucy Andrew Cummin. We are grateful for their [...]

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Y Without Walls at Youth Emergency Service

Youth Emergency Service (YES) continues to benefit from a passionate and committed member of their staff, David Chaney, Sr. David, a Community Outreach Worker at YES, is also a board member of the Columbia North YMCA. Through this relationship, and with the support and commitment of Bertram L. Lawrence, Group Vice President, Freedom Valley YMCA, [...]

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76ers Moms Give Back

Philadelphia 76ers Moms donate coats and blankets to keep our children, teens and families warm this winter.   YSI welcomes guest columnist, Debra A. Shaw, mother of 76er Hollis Thompson #31 who shares her passion behind the annual coat and blanket drive that benefited YSI children, teens and families this winter.  This year, the 76ers [...]

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New Director of YES Teaches Teens that it’s the Way You Play the Game that Counts

Tim Massaquoi, the new director of YSI’s Youth Emergency Shelter (YES), could probably get the attention of the homeless and runaway teenagers who come to the shelter simply by dropping the fact that he’s a former NFL player.  But he prefers to take the less glamorous route instead—trying to relate to the kids through the [...]

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Bridging The Gaps at Youth Emergency Service

YSI is thankful for the Jefferson University Medical students who volunteer with us each year. JeffYES is a group who are actively involved with our youth shelter, and come one night per week during the school year to lead activities and play games with the youth.  However, this summer two of the volunteers went above [...]

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Driver/Youth Care Worker

Job Title: Youth Care Worker* Employment Status: Part-time regular Program - Dept/Location: Youth Emergency Service Job Summary: Transport youth from police districts to their homes or to YES and perform duties and tasks of Youth Care Worker. Minimum Qualifications: High School diploma/GED Must be an experienced driver with knowledge of Phildelphia 1-2 years work experience with  adolescents [...]

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New Superhero Staff Help Runaway and Homeless Youth

New Superhero Staff Help Runaway and Homeless Youth   Teens at YSI’s emergency shelter (https://wpms.screammedia.net/ysiphilly/programs/youth-emergency-service/) already count on two new staff to give them the extra support that homeless and runaway youth in Philadelphia need. Tim Massaquoi is the shelter’s Director, and Luke McKetta, stepped into the position of Supervisor. After their first month, they [...]

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W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Grant Awarded

We have big goals. But we can't reach them alone. It is with great honor I announce that we have been chosen as the recipients of a W.W. Smith Charitable Trust F,C,&S grant to support our teen respite center for displaced youth and our family emergency fund.   With the funds awarded we aim to serve [...]

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