From Runaway to Recognized

These are the stories we love to tell – youth overcoming and moving forward.  Pictured below are staff from Youth Emergency Service with Dominique being presented with a Citation from Council President Darrell Clarke recognizing her for perseverance and determination during times of adversity.  Dominique conducted research online to locate programs for youth needing a safe place and support services. She located information on Youth Emergency Service’s Runaway and Homeless Youth Program (RYP) and reached out.  She found the support and guidance to make it through some challenging circumstances at YES. Through RYP Dominique was able to consider the best plan for her future – school, career and a place to live.  RYP staff provided the venue for solution focused conversations and a supportive adult to help her connect to family.  Dominique will graduate in June and then will be on her way to Delaware State University in the fall with plans to major in veterinary science.


Congratulations Dominique!



Left to right: Colin Chambers, Supervisor, Francine Williams, Supervisor, RYP, Tim Massaquoi, Director, Dominique, David Chaney, Community Outreach Worker, and Keevon Johnson, Residential Program Supervisor.