From Runaway to Recognized

These are the stories we love to tell – youth overcoming and moving forward.  Pictured below are staff from Youth Emergency Service with Dominique being presented with a Citation from Council President Darrell Clarke recognizing her for perseverance and determination during times of adversity.  Dominique conducted research online to locate programs for youth needing a […]

Employee Spotlight: Mr. Rudolph “The Chef” Morris

Rudolph Morris has spent most of his life with Youth Service, Inc. and has redefined what it means to give back to the community. For Mr. Morris, as he is known, YSI isn’t just a place to work. It’s home. And that’s not just a turn of phrase. When both of his parents were killed […]

YSI Wheels Receive A Makeover

Thank you to the generous donors that responded to our request for support to purchase a new van for our teen shelter, Youth Emergency Service (YES).  Donors included: Barbara Rittenhouse, Dorothy Stevens, Laurie Ward, Barbara O’Brien, Pat Rentschler, Dina Ghen, John and Theresa Barth, Betsy Wice and Lucy Andrew Cummin. We are grateful for their […]

YSI Bids a Fond Farewell to Veronica Dyson

With some sadness and with wishes for much joy, Youth Emergency Service bid farewell to Veronica Dyson at the end of December.  Veronica, a Philly native, spent more than 25 years with YSI working in programs for teens.  Beginning with a girls group home on Spruce Street, Veronica worked with teens throughout the agency finally […]

I Feel Free Now

It wasn’t long ago that Carolyn fled from South Carolina to Philadelphia by plane with her children, each of them carrying their possessions in a single suitcase. Running from an abusive partner who she feared might kill her and harm her children, Carolyn arrived at the home of her brother’s family unsure of what her […]