Dr. Patrick McManus, PAFP Exemplary Teacher of the Year

YSI would like to extend our enthusiastic congratulations to Dr. Patrick McManus, Director of our JeffYES Medical Clinic, for being named the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians 2014 Exemplary Teacher of the Year! You can read more about Dr. McManus’ contributions to his students at http://pafp.com/awards. From all of us at YSI, thank you for your continued good [...]

There’s More to Life

When Dante’s foster mother Diane was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and taken to live in a nursing home, he was abruptly placed with an unfamiliar foster family. Unable to cope with the abuse he suffered in his new family and missing the stability of Diane’s home, he ran away. During this traumatic time he began [...]

A Rainbow at the End of the Tunnel

“Childbirth is beautiful,” Jamira says. At eighteen, she plans to study towards becoming a midwife after graduating from high school in June. Her interests are varied and eclectic; in addition to her career in nursing she aspires to own an old-fashioned Southern bed and breakfast and considers a side-career in cosmetology. Near the end of [...]

A Safe Space For Teen Mothers

Not yet three years old, Amir has already lived through danger and uncertainty. He was born weighing less than four pounds to fifteen year old Reesheyma, who struggled to manage her frustration and anger as a single teen mother. Afraid to talk with anyone about her struggles, Reesheyma spent most of her time in her [...]

Thank You To Our Supporters

  Dear Friends, Your generosity, volunteer service, and advocacy help children and teens through crisis every day. Whether you gave recently to support our Teen Success program or collected toiletries for the youth at our YES shelter, you have impacted the lives of young people in need of support. And you’re not alone; in fact, [...]