Making A Difference

Volunteers who get involved with YSI are constantly demonstrating what it really means to care for others and believe in a cause. If you or anyone in your family has volunteered before you know it’s not for the faint of heart. It can be incredibly rewarding, but also challenging and requires a certain type of […]

I Feel Free Now

It wasn’t long ago that Carolyn fled from South Carolina to Philadelphia by plane with her children, each of them carrying their possessions in a single suitcase. Running from an abusive partner who she feared might kill her and harm her children, Carolyn arrived at the home of her brother’s family unsure of what her […]

No Matter How Bleak It Looks, You Can Do It

“I didn’t expect to be in truancy trouble with any of my children,” Tamara remembers. Her daughter Diana and step-daughter Jade were behind in school – 16 years old and only in the 9th grade – when their lack of progress and poor school attendance led them to YSI’s Truancy Prevention Program (TPP). While the […]

Stepping Stones

Xavier was 14 years old when his great grandmother was hospitalized because of a stroke. He had lived with her for most of his life, and was apprehensive about living with his mother and younger siblings. Soon after moving in he learned that his mother suffered from uncontrolled bipolar disorder, which caused her to suffer […]

Dr. Patrick McManus, PAFP Exemplary Teacher of the Year

YSI would like to extend our enthusiastic congratulations to Dr. Patrick McManus, Director of our JeffYES Medical Clinic, for being named the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians 2014 Exemplary Teacher of the Year! You can read more about Dr. McManus’ contributions to his students at From all of us at YSI, thank you for your continued good […]